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Click on the link to sign up for your Meal Plan today. Students can choose the Meal Plan that best fits their needs and add additional Flex Funds in $25 increments as needed.

Meal Plan Membership

Slippery Rock Dining Services is pleased to bring you the 2014-2015 Meal Plan options.

Highlights of the program include:

  • No Meal Zones! Eat up to Four Meals per day
  • More Flex Options
  • Convenient, on-the-go meals available at Campus Drive Grill located outside North Hall, Boozel Express and at the Robert M. Smith Student Center
  • Meal Swipes can be used at Boozel, Campus Drive Grill and Boozel Express

SRU Meal Plans offer a variety of Meal Swipe and Flex Fund combinations. Meal Swipes may be used at Boozel, Boozel Express and Campus Drive Grill and are re-set every week. Your Meal Plan enables you to use up to four Meal Swipes per day regardless of the meal time.

Flex Funds work as a dollar for dollar exchange at all of our dining facilities on campus. Flex Funds are subtracted from your account as they are used and are valid for the entire semester. Any remaining balance at the end of the fall semester will roll over to the spring semester provided you have signed up for a spring Meal Plan. Any remaining balance is forfeited at the end of the spring semester. If you run out of Flex Funds before the end of the semester, you may purchase additional Flex Funds in $25 increments by clicking here

Residence Hall Students may choose any meal plan except Plan #5 and Plan #7.

A student living in University housing is required to contract for a meal plan. The 15-meal/$225 flex plan is incorporated into the residence hall agreement. A residence hall student will automatically be billed for the 15-meal plan/$255 flex plan.

Platinum Meal Level: $1,701/semester
Plan #10 19 meals/week, No flex
Plan #11 15 meals/week, $255 flex
Plan #12 12 meals/week, $445 flex
Gold Meal Level: $1,617/semester
Plan #20 14 meals/week, No flex
Plan #21 11 meals/week, $190 flex
Plan #22 9 meals/week, $320 flex
Silver Meal Level: $1,494/semester
Plan #30 10 meals/week, No flex
Plan #31 8 meals/week, $130 flex
Plan #32 6 meals/week, $255 flex
Block Plan: $1,547/semester
Plan #4 175 meals/semester, $100 flex
Unlimited Access Plan - No Flex: $1,871/semester
Plan #6
This plan provides the ultimate in flexibility and value. An Unlimited Meal Plan allows you to dine-in at Boozel as often as you wish throughout the semester. You will never run out of meals.

Off Campus Meal Plan

Students residing Off-Campus, Commuting from home or R.O.C.K apartment students may select from one of the plans listed above or one of the following additional options.

Block Plan: $890/semester
Plan #5 75 meals/semester, $50 flex
Flex Only
Plan #7 Minimum of $100 to set up account
To open a Flex Fund account, a minimum of $100 deposit is required. Flex Funds may be increased in $25 increments online at Flex Funds can be used at all on campus dining locations.

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